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Why Build Energy Efficient?

February 8, 2019 2:00 pm Published by Comments Off on Why Build Energy Efficient?

These days it pays to be energy efficient in your home. Whether you want to save the planet, save your paycheck, or just live in a more comfortable environment, French Brothers new homes in Hobbs, NM will give you all the energy efficiency you need!


Why Build Efficient?

I bet you don’t want to update your entire brand new home just so you can have better energy efficiency. We wouldn’t want to either! That why our Platinum Energy Efficiency Package comes included with all of our homes, and why we’ve been building with energy in mind for over 30 years.


How Does It Work?

For starters, we use specific materials, like energy efficient windows and doors, highly efficient heating and cooling systems, energy saving LED lights, and Energy Star Appliances. But we don’t stop there! We also use special techniques when building the home. We install radiant barriers in the roof decking, and properly insulate and seal all duct work. We reduce air leakage within the home by calking and foaming around all windows, vents, ceiling fixtures and doors to create an air-tight home. And we use advanced framing techniques that allow more space for insulation and fewer points for drafts to enter your home.


Saving Your Dollars

The end result is that you save money! When you buy a brand new home from French Brothers, you can expect to save thousands in utility costs over the course of your homeownership. French Brothers homes are 30% more efficient than a typical new home, and 60% more efficient than a used home! You’ll be more comfortable with lower ambient temperatures in the summer, and warmer temps in the winter. You’ll also experience less air pollutants in your home, which will help you breathe easy; and less moisture, which will save your clothes, furniture, and health in the long run.



Saving the Planet

An extra bonus! When you build an energy efficient home with French Brothers, you are doing your part to decrease the amount of pollution from fossil fuels burned. Advanced framing uses less lumber, resulting in less deforestation, while drastically improving the effectiveness of your insulation. Your home is your oasis, and you should never have to decrease your level of comfort due to guilt over using too much energy. With our homes, you won’t have to! You’ll stay cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and will reap the benefits of reduced noise and higher air quality all year long, all while doing your part for the planet.


When it comes to Energy Efficiency in Southern New Mexico, its an easy choice. Choose French Brothers and you’ll be the most energy savvy homeowner – without even trying!



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