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Various Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

January 26, 2019 3:02 pm Published by Comments Off on Various Ways to Increase Storage Space in Your Home

Homeowner’s yearn for additional storage. After all, who wouldn’t benefit from having extra storage space to accommodate your belongings. Here are tips for adding more storage to your home.

  1. Book storage – Need a place to store your books? Consider a book storage hack for the side of your dresser. You can use a spice rack or another shelving unit to hang on the side of the dresser to hold your books. This is perfect in an office, kid’s bedroom, or nursery.
  2. Console table – Put a console table in your front hallway. You’ll have a great focal point for guests entering your new home in Hobbs NM, as well as a catch all for you to place miscellaneous items. You’ll be able to store small accessories, your cell phone, keys, or mail.
  3. Kitchen wrap organizer – This is a great alternative to using a kitchen drawer for your plastic bags, parchment paper, plastic wrap, and foil. Mount your magazine rack or kitchen wrap organizer to the inside or outside of your cabinet door. This will help to keep your items organized and easily accessible for your kitchen needs.
  4. Magnetic strip – Install a magnetic strip in your bathroom, garage, or kitchen. The magnetic strip can hold bobby pins, clippers, hammers, knives, nails, pliers, scissors, tweezers, and wrenches.
  5. Mason jar storage – Put your mason jars to good use by storing everything from your batteries, cotton swabs, and nails to beans, sugar, salt, nuts and other items in them.
  6. Over-the-door-hooks – Get extra storage space by adding over-the-door-hooks behind any door in your home. This can be used to hang your bath towels, coats, and robes.
  7. Over-the-sink shelf – Add a shelf over your bathroom sink to help keep the area around your sink tidy. You can store items like a candle, lotion, razor, soap, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
  8. Pegboard organizer – Don’t shove your accessories into a drawer. Utilize a pegboard to organize your belts, gloves, jewelry, hats, scarves, ties, and other accessories.
  9. Skateboard shelves – Repurpose old skateboards to create shoe storage shelves. Whether you’re a skater or not, this is definitely a cool idea to store your shoes in a creative way.
  10. Storage bench – An upholstered storage bench will do wonders in any bedroom of your home. It’s sleek and multifunctional for you to not only sit but also place items in.
  11. Toilet paper holder – There’s nothing worse than running out of toilet paper when you desperately need it. Get a stand-up toilet paper holder or place a vanity tray on the back of a toilet tank to store extra rolls of toilet paper.
  12. Towel basket – Roll up your bath and hand towels and stick them in a basket. Place under your vanity or in the corner of your bathroom. It’ll be a stylish way to keep your towels neat and organized and the towels will already be out when family or guests spend the night in your new home in Hobbs, NM
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