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Unique Ways to Decorate Your Easter Eggs

Still deciding how you want to decorate your Easter Eggs? Check out these unique and kid-friendly Easter egg decorating ideas below that will make for a great activity with your family, friends, or homes in Roswell NM neighbors.

  1. Easter egg chicks – These are absolutely adorable! Dye your eggs canary yellow. Glue fuzzy feathers on the top of the egg to create the hair once your eggs have dried. Then make a beak out of card stock and glue it on your egg. Create the eyes with black permanent marker and place your eggs in a basket filled with Easter grass to finish your project.
  2. Monogrammed Easter egg – Give your Easter eggs a personalized look this year. Use stickers to create this design. Put the sticker on your hardboiled egg and draw dots around the letter(s) with the permanent marker of the color or colors of your choice. Once the markers have completely dried on your egg, peel off the sticker(s) to reveal your customized design.
  3. Shaving cream – This is the perfect reason for your kids to get into your shaving cream. Place your shaving cream foam in several soup containers or muffin tins. Next you’ll want to put different food coloring drops into each container or tin. Then swirl with a plastic fork or knife. Finally you will position your eggs into the soup container or tin cup and rotate around until you have fully covered your eggs. Allow the eggs to dry for about 15-20 minutes and then rinse off the eggs using cold water. Finally you will have your beautifully decorated egg. We do not recommend eating these eggs since they are made with shaving cream that contains dangerous toxins and chemicals.
  4. Temporary tattoos – You don’t have to dye your eggs to create this design. If you choose to, however, make sure the dye has completed dried before applying the tattoo. Place the tattoo face down on your hardboiled egg, dip a sponge or paper towel into warm water and then apply so that the tattoo transfers to the egg. This is super easy and your kids will love seeing their favorite super heroes, princesses, bunnies, animals, shapes, and other designs on their Easter eggs.

How do you plan on dying your Easter eggs this year? French Brothers homes would like to wish all of our homes in Roswell NM residents a very Happy Easter!

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