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If you are staying home right now and practicing social distancing, you may be inspired to do some crafts or even create an entire room dedicating to that activity. Having a designated craft room in your home is great for creating your scrapbooks, vision boards, drawings, paintings, sculptors, or other craft projects, and keeping it organized will contribute to your creativity and help make it a functional space. Check out the tips below for organizing your craft room.

  1. Declutter to get organized – Similar to your spring cleaning, it is important to declutter this space. Throw out anything that is broken or too old to use and consider donating anything you no longer want or need your family, friends, or new homes in Las Cruces NM. Purging this space will give you an idea of the materials and supplies that you have and will need to purchase. Afterall, who likes working in a messy space?
  2. Establish your main creative zone – Assign a specific area as your main workspace to create all your craft projects. A desk, calendar, comfortable chair, easel, and whatever else you will need is great for this area. This will help you keep all your essential crafting in one area instead of strewn throughout your home.
  3. Label your craft storage bins – There is nothing worse than needing something and not knowing where it is. Labelling your craft storage bins will allow you to know where things are and will help put them back once you are done with them. Choose storage solutions that blend with the theme and décor of the room.
  4. Glass jars – Consider using clear jars to store your crafting items. Different sized clear jars will allow you to store items of different sizes such bows, buttons, clothespins, colored pencils, crayons, labels, markers, paint brushes, ribbon, and thread. You can keep an eye on the quantity and replenish as needed.
  5. Keep frequently used items close by – These should be left in plain sight and stored in your creative zone space. The last thing you will want to do is have to stop to locate something when you are in your crafting zone.
  6. Incorporate a pegboard – Adding a pegboard to your craft room is another way to stay organized. Customize the board with things such as bins, rods, storage baskets and whatever else to meet your needs. Everything from scissors and wrapping paper to an ironing board can be placed on the pegboard.
  7. Fabric, fabric, and more fabric – If you use fabric in your crafting you definitely will want to store it. Place in a cabinet or display on shelves. Color coordinate and separate by material to create a cohesive and colorful look.
  8. Clean up time – Maintain a clean space and avoid clutter from building up by cleaning up after you are done for the day. Wipe up and major spills or accidents as they happen.
  9. Display your projects – You should be proud of your creations. Showoff your finished projects to your family and new homes in Las Cruces NM
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