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Springtime is an ideal time to tidy up your home. A clean and tidy home helps reduce allergens, bacteria, dust mites, and grimes in your home. It is also known to improve mental health as well as increase your happiness and productivity. Read below for several tips on keeping your home tidy.

Get a doormat – Welcome your friends and new homes in Las Cruces NM neighbors to your home with a door mat. A door mat also helps reduce the amount of dirt and grime you will track into your home.

Make your bed daily – An easy task that helps make your bedroom look neater. It is also a great way to kick-off your productivity for the day.

Clean the window treatments – Window treatments add pizzazz to a room. But they also can be a smorgasbord for dirt and grime. Dry clean or wash your curtains or drapes to make it shine.

Wash the windows – Let the sunshine in! Clean your windows with window cleaner and a microfiber cloth or squeegee. We suggest doing this on an overcast day and when it’s not windy. You should also wipe down any mirrors in your home.

Shower and scrub – As you take your shower you can also scrub down the floor and tile. This will help reduce soapsuds from building up when it is time to do your deep clean.

Clean up while cook – The last thing you want is to be met with a big mess after you are finished eating. This can be accomplished by returning your spices to the pantry, food and other ingredients to the fridge or cabinets, washing any knives and cookware utensils that are not going into the dishwasher. Make sure to load and run your dishwasher before heading to bed in the evening and then unload it in the morning.

Wipe down countertops and sinks – Sinks and countertops are full of germs. Clean the sinks and countertops to get rid of any toothpaste stains, hair, bacteria, and food spills. Wipe down the faucets and handles as well.

Dust, dust, dust – Dust can accumulate quickly and in places you do not even think about. From lighting fixtures, lamp shades, the walls and ceiling fans to air vents, books, indoor plants, tabletops you should dust your home frequently.

Clean the floors – Your floors are walked on every day. Keep them looking good by vacuuming the carpets and also sweeping and then mopping your tiles and or hardwoods.

Look behind and under your appliances and furniture – The area behind your appliances and furniture can amass a lot of dirt. Plus, things could have been dropped or fallen behind these areas by your family or new homes in Las Cruces NM friends. Move your appliances and furniture out of the way to clean up and get rid of anything that does not belong.

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