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Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

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Do you have spring fever? We sure do and are loving it! The spring season marks more daylight, warmer days, and better weather around our homes in Hobbs NM communities. But with spring fever comes spring cleaning and maintenance. Check out these tips for preparing your home for spring.

Indoor spring maintenance tips

Air condition check – You will be running these a lot more in the upcoming months. Ensure your unit is properly working and replace your air filters. A clean air filter means improved air quality in your home. Dirty air filters are filled with pollutants and other allergens that are not healthy. Theses should be changed regularly, at least every three to six months.

Deep cleaning – How often do you skip cleaning the baseboards, walls, and ceiling fans? Spring is an ideal time for some good old fashioned elbow grease to give these areas a good cleaning. In addition to the above, you should definitely do an overall thorough cleaning of your home. Vacuum the carpet and upholstered furniture. Clean off the tops of the cabinets and refrigerator. Sweep behind and on the sides of your fridge and washer and dryer. Vacuum the coils of your fridge. Clean the blinds, window treatments, and windows. You may also want to vacuum your mattress to get rid of any dust mites and allergens that may have collected.

Smoke detector and carbon monoxide check – Test the batteries to confirm these are working properly. Replace batteries if needed.

Outdoor spring maintenance tips

Clean the gutters – Proper drainage is necessary for your gutters and downspouts to function correctly. You do not want any leaves or debris clogging them up. Remove anything that does not belong and make sure there is no breakage either.

Examine any outdoor furniture and grill – Springtime means you are also spending more time outside and on your rear patio. Charcoal grills should be cleaned to remove any lingering ash or residue from last grilling season. Gas grills should be examined to verify nothing is clogged up and all the connections are good. Hose your outdoor furniture down and check to see if there are any broken or rusted parts that need fixing.

Inspect the exterior walls, foundation, and roof – Your exterior walls and foundation should be checked for cracks, damaged areas, and nests that may have been built by birds or other wildlife. Your roof may have taking a beating this winter. Inspect it for water damage, missing or loose shingles, exposed nails, or anything else that will prevent it from working at optimum level.

Power wash – Not only will power washing improve your curb appeal, but it will also help to eliminate allergens. We suggest power washing the deck, driveway, house, and windows.

Happy Spring from our homes in Hobbs NM family to yours!

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