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Six Home Décor Trend Predictions for 2017

As we get ready to usher in a new year here are six home décor trend predictions to look out for in 2017.         

  1. Black stainless steel appliances – Stainless steel appliances became very popular in the early 2000s. However, their popularity is starting to dwindle as homeowners are looking for alternative décor options. Black stainless steel appliances are one of those options. Not only are they sleek, modern, and very sophisticated, but this color goes well with any décor choice.
  1. Cork – Made popular on Pinterest, cork is perfect for a home office where you can pin notes to it. This material visually interesting, but cork is also soundproof and will add warmth and texture into your space.
  1. Different shades of green – Green is definitely a must-have color in 2017 for Roswell NM new homes resident’s. This is especially true for darker shades of green like an emerald. Green will bring a breath of fresh air to your decorative blankets and pillows, sofas, wall color, sofa, and other decorative accents.
  1. Fresh flowers – People’s energy consciousness is starting to exceed far beyond appliances and the materials used to build their homes. Fresh flowers will be all the rage in 2017 as they start to replace silk and synthetic décor items.
  1. Old or vintage accessories and furniture – Gone are the days when you automatically get rid of an old armoire, dresser, fan, suitcase, tools, etc. Instead, you can repurpose an old item into art décor or a new furniture piece to add creativity and coziness to your space.
  1. Upholstered headboards – This decorative headboard choice has been a staple in celebrities and high-end homes for years. But now it’s becoming accessible for many homeowners. So why should you opt for an upholstered headboard? Because upholstered headboards are soft, stylish and will add instant luxury to any bedroom in your home.

We hope these trend predictions have inspired your décor creativity. If you are looking to purchase a home that can be personalized to match your lifestyle and tastes we hope that you will consider a home by French Brothers Homes. By working with a Design Studio Consultant from the French Brothers Design Studio you can customize one of our Roswell NM new homes to become your dream home. To learn more about our available homes contact us today at 575-622-4188.

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