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Six Heat Resistant Annuals to Plant this Summer

With so many people staying at home these days, homeowners are looking for activities to occupy their time. Planting a garden may be the perfect hobby to pick up right now. Decorate your new French Brothers homes in Alamogordo NM with these heat resistant plants.

  1. Coreopsis – This vivacious annual is a go-to for summertime planting. Their daisy-like flowers are breathtaking and will look absolutely wonderful in your garden.
  2. Marigolds – It is easy to grow and can bloom all summer long. Available in orange, red, and yellow, marigolds will add stunning beauty to your garden or flower arrangement. They need full sun so make sure you plant accordingly.
  3. Poppy flowers – A colorful herbaceous plant that will add plenty of pop to your garden. Available in different varieties, poppy flowers can grow up to eight feet. These can be planted in your garden as well as in pots or containers.
  4. Sulfur Cosmos – Native to Mexico, this vibrant annual loves the sun. Sulfur cosmos are easy to plant and grow up to four feet high. They usually self-sow and are easy to maintain. They are available in yellow, orange, and red orange.
  5. Sunflowers – This Helianthus flower thrives in the summertime. It is very popular and an easy annual to grow. The striking sunflower color and tall stalks will look fabulous in your garden.
  1. Sweet Alyssum – A fragrant annual that will bring a wonderful smell to your garden. Known for its tiny and delicate flower petals, sweet alyssum’s grow low and in clusters.

What heat resistant annuals will you choose to decorate your new home? We look forward to seeing your beautiful gardens around our homes in Alamogordo NM communities.

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