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Seven Tips for Creating a Productive Study Space

Going back to school looks a little different than it did just a year ago today for our Artesia NM homes community members and across the country. While some schools and/or parents have opted to return to in person learning, others have decided to have their students learn virtually or are doing more of a hybrid version of the two. Regardless of the choice, it is a good idea to create a designated area for your kids to learn, study, and do their homework. Here are seven tips for creating a productive study space for your kids.

  1. Create a space conducive to your child’s learning style – Some students, such as middle and high school-aged kids, may learn better alone and independently. Setting up a desk in their bedroom or a spare room may be ideal for their privacy and study habits. On the other hand, there are those learners who thrive in an environment surrounded by others. This is especially helpful for younger aged students in which a family-friendly workspace is ideal. Set up desks or a large table for the kids to work on. You may even want to have your own area in this space to be able to work and monitor them while they are learning.
  2. Make it a distraction free zone – It can be the little things that cause distractions. Turn off the television and put away the stuffed animals and toys. Do not have any electronics that are not needed for learning. Pets should also be kept away so that your child is not concentrated on fluffy but on the lesson at hand.
  3. Keep materials within reach – It is important for your kids to remain focused in their study space. Therefore, important materials should be kept within reach, so they do not need to wander once class is in session or they sit down to study. Their calculator, colored pencils, homework, markers, paper, pencils, pens, scissors, and notebooks should be kept within reach.
  4. Employ organizational tools – Organization is key. Set up a wall calendar, white board and cork board in this space. You kid can list important due dates and hang important reminders here. There should be plenty of storage space for them to store their items. Use binders, bookshelves, drawers, and folders to keep your child’s school materials handy, organized, and tidy.
  5. Ambient sound – Peace and quiet may not suit their learning style. Consider playing white noise, soft jazz, or classical music for studying to create the sounds and atmosphere of a classroom.
  6. Ergonomic comfortability – A comfortable chair with cushions, ergonomic mouse with wrist support, laptop or computer at eye level, and secondary screen can all make learning better for your kid.
  7. Switch it up – Your child may flourish by switching up their learning environment. From learning in their bedroom and dining room to a designated study to the rear covered patio to match your child’s needs and interests.

Many of French Brother’s floor plans include four bedrooms that can be easily converted into a study space. Contact us today at 1-800-691-4375 to learn about the communities we build in and our quick move-in Artesia NM homes for sale.


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