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Seven Stylish Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

November 18, 2017 3:42 pm Published by Comments Off on Seven Stylish Coffee Table Decorating Ideas

The coffee table is a staple piece found in most living rooms. It can be used for so much more than just putting your favorite cup of Joe on it. Use the seven stylish tips below to decorate your coffee table.

  1. Decorate with books – Coffee table books are made especially for coffee tables. These oversized books are entertaining and great for stimulating conversation with your guests and fellow homes for sale in Alamogordo NM Select ones that have bright colors, bold lettering and interesting subject matters. Leave one open to an interesting page.
  2. Add bright colors – Create a beautiful tablescape by adding pops of color. You’ll be able to bring life to your coffee table with your brightly colored books, candles, flowers, vases, or other items.
  3. Chic dish – Simply add an artisan bowl or plate if you’re looking for a minimalistic but chic look. You’ll still make a statement without overpowering the table, especially if it is small.
  4. Get game time ready – Your coffee table can be used to encourage playing a game or two. Games like Chess, Checkers, Scrabble, Jenga, UNO and even Connect Four will be perfect additions to your coffee table. Don’t forget your deck of cards!
  5. Include a tray – Some may see a coffee table tray as an old school accessory. However, in recent times this throwback decorating style is making a comeback. Use a tray to corral anything from your trinkets and TV remotes to your books and magazines. This is sure to give your table a polished look.
  6. Stylish coffee table – Allow your table to be the focal point of the room. Select a style that speaks for itself and will sure to make a statement. It really doesn’t matter if you add anything to the top of the table or not since the piece itself is sure to add a wow factor to your home.
  7. Substitute with an ottoman – Your coffee table doesn’t have to be a coffee table. An ottoman is a practical and tasteful substitute that can still showcase your flowers, candles, books, and trinkets.

French Brothers would like to hear from our homes for sale in Alamogordo NM buyers. How do you style your coffee table?

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