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How to Select the Right Refrigerator for your New French Brothers Home?

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All French Brothers new Artesia NM homes come complete with Whirlpool Stainless Steel appliances. We also offer appliance upgrades like convection ovens, slide-in ranges, wall ovens and beautiful glass vent hoods. With all of the choices in appliances, choosing your refrigerator can seem overwhelming! Whether you purchase a refrigerator through French Brothers, or install one after you move in, read below for tips on selecting the right refrigerator for your new French Brothers Home.

  1. Bottom freezer – A very spacious refrigerator with the freezer on the bottom. You will have easy access to the fridge but may find it difficult to access the freezer portion. Bending may be required to access your frozen foods. Shelving or pull-out baskets are usually available for the freezer. A bottom freezer comes in many features, finishes, racking options, and styles.
  2. French door – These stylish refrigerators oftentimes tend to be the most expensive type of refrigerator. The freezer is located on the bottom and two vertical doors will allow entrance into the refrigerator compartment of your fridge. Both vertical refrigerator doors can be opened at the same time. The French door fridge is ideal for storing bulky and odd shaped items. You may have to bend to open to freezer section.
  3. Side-by-side – This vertical refrigerator usually includes the fridge on the right side and the freezer on the left. The side-by-side fridge provides easy access to food on both the freezer and refrigerated side. This is a great fridge for keeping items organized and also kitchens with limited space. Compartments run smaller so you may not be able to fit larger items. The side-by-side fridge is available in a variety of capacities, finishes, and features including a water and or ice dispenser.
  4. Single door – This is a traditional fridge. The single door refrigerator that comes with a smaller freezer compartment. It is not as energy-efficient as other fridges. It is very economical and lacks most of the features and finishes more modern refrigerators have. This is an ideal fridge if you plan on putting another freezer in your home.
  5. Top freezer – This is another traditional fridge that houses the freezer component on the top. This fridge is simplistically designed and probably the most cost-effective. It has lots of space but usually lacks special features such as an ice and water dispenser.

Once you figure out which refrigerator best suits your kitchen, it is important to select a size that actually fits your kitchen space and one that fits your price point. Do not forget to pick one that also includes the add-ons and features like interior lighting options, temperature control, water and or ice dispenser, storage (bin, drawer, and door), and anything else that you are looking for in a refrigerator.  These are all important features to consider when purchasing your fridge. Please contact us at 575-616-2086 for details about the refrigerators available as an optional upgrade in our Artesia NM homes.


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