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Hosting for the Holidays

December 6, 2018 11:41 pm Published by Comments Off on Hosting for the Holidays

Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday season has just begun! Here are some tips to help you plan and prepare when hosting family and friends during this joyous time of year.


Stock Up

Stock up on food for the holiday meals, as well as snacks and drinks before your guests arrive. It will save you time and hassle when cooking the holiday feast, and if you show your guests a well-stocked pantry, they won’t have to ask you every time they want something to nibble on.

In a similar vein, stocking up on things like towels and bedding is a good idea as well. Pull out your extra blankets and towels and give them a wash a day or two before family starts showing up. Placing towels, extra blankets, and even a travel sized shampoo and conditioner in your guest’s rooms will mean they won’t have to ask you where anything is, and will make them feel special. At French Brothers, we know visitors like their privacy, that’s why we design amazing guest rooms with baths so close, they feel like an en suite, but are still accessible from the main part of the home.

Plan Ahead

Do some research in your town to see if there are any free holiday activities going on while your friends and family will be around. Even a stroll at night to look at lights in your neighborhood can be a fun activity that won’t cost anything, and will provide lasting holiday memories.

You can also plan meals ahead of time. Prep casseroles the day before, and plan your menu for the following days to use up leftovers. A little extra planning now will save you time and money.

Accept Help

As the host, you might feel like you need to do it all yourself. But don’t be afraid to accept help! If someone offers, take the opportunity to lighten your load. And if no one offers, don’t be afraid to delegate and assign tasks. It will make the job easier, and you’ll have more time to bond with loved ones.

With these tips in mind you’ll be ready to wow your friends and family with your hosting skills, and still have time to connect and create memories with your loved ones.

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