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New Year, new decade, new trends, new you? A new year marks a time to reflect on the previous year and celebrate a new beginning. This is a great time to refresh and reinvigorate the design inside your home. Read below to check out the list we have compiled for five home décor trends to watch out for in 2020.

  1. Gold Fixtures and Hardware – This bright and shiny finish is coming back in style! From gold faucets, to gold cabinet hardware, to gold lighting, there are many ways to utilize this color in your home. Pair it with white cabinets for an elegant feminine look, or go for contrast and bold appeal when you pair it with dark cabinets.
  2. Formal dining room – In recent years, the formal dining room has mostly been used for formal dining, guest meals, holiday meals, and a storage space for your good china. But with family meals coming back in style, a trend we will see this year is more and more homeowner’s using the formal dining room on a regular basis. So now is the time to make a statement with this great space. Decorate it with artwork, bold colors, and striking furniture.
  3. Layering Old and New – Gone are the days when all furniture had to be in matching sets. The new look for 2020 is eclectic and layered, combining older pieces with new. Get this look by keeping some of your most beloved furniture, and updating only a few items. You can also create this look completely from scratch by shopping for new furniture in brand name stores, as well as looking for accent pieces in thrift shops.
  4. Contemporary Take on Subway Tile – the traditional 3”x6” glossy subway tile has been dominant as a kitchen backsplash option for years, but 2020 will see a more contemporary style of subway tile take its place. The new look is elongated and features patterns and textures. You can see a variety of contemporary subway tiles in French Brothers new homes in Artesia, NM model home in the Design Studio.
  5. Live indoor plants – Looking for a way to boost your mood and you environment? Go for live plants! Not only are live plants a beautiful decorative accent, but real plants also help purify the air, boost productivity, relieve stress, and help you relax.

Which trends do you plan on incorporating in your home décor design? If purchasing a home is one of your goals for 2020, consider a brand new home by French Brothers. We build in two homes in Artesia NM communities and have several quick move-in homes available for purchase. Call us at 575-616-2086 to help us help you find the home of your dreams.

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