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Holloman Elementary and Holloman Middle Are Top Ranking Schools in New Mexico

New Homes in Alamogordo NM

If you’re the parent of a school-aged child or have younger children living in good school district is an influencing factor when finding a home. And whether you have kids or no kids at all, living in a top rated school district can definitely improve your property value. Two schools in the Alamogordo School District rank in the top 10 of New Mexico’s schools. These schools are Holloman Elementary School and Holloman Middle School. This is welcomed news for homeowner’s and parents who are assigned to those schools or those looking for new homes in Alamogordo NM in the Alamogordo School District.

“Alamogordo has become one of the highest performing districts in the state pertaining to school grades,” New Mexico Education Secretary Christopher Ruszkowski said. “They’ve made incredible progress in school grades starting six years ago and this is now one of the premiere districts in the state.”

Holloman Middle School maintained their “A” grade and ranked No. 9 in New Mexico’s top performing schools. Holloman Elementary School enhanced their school grade from a “B” to an “A” this year and ranked No. 10 in New Mexico’s top performing schools. These individual school grades are based on academic growth, academic proficiency, and additional non-academic factors like student attendance.

“Alamogordo is on the up-rise and we will continue to do the best we can possibly do to give every student the best quality education,” APS Superintendent Adrianne Salas said. “We will proceed to ensure we meet the individual needs of our kids. If parents have questions, come see us.”

If you are looking for a new home in a top ranking New Mexico school district we hope that you will consider a home by French Brothers. Contact us today at 575-404-1668 to learn about our available inventory of quick move-in new homes in Alamogordo NM that are assigned to Holloman Elementary School and Holloman Middle School.


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