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Five Tips for Working with Neutrals


Working with neutrals does not have to be boring. Make your neutral color palette standout and work in your home by using the five tips below.

  1. Black is in – Anchor your lightly colored neutral space with black. Hardware, lighting fixtures and accessories are a perfect way to achieve this look. Our homes in Las Cruces NM Design Studio Consultants can assist you in making these selections.
  2. Bring on the shapes – One way to work with neutrals is by adding uniquely shaped accessories and furniture into the equation. These shapes can be the focal point in the room and will add great interest to the room.
  3. Create depth – No matter what neutral color you select, build layers within the room by including various shades of that color to help create depth to the room. The different hues of the color will complement the space and make the room look chic and sophisticated.
  4. Patterned elements – Create contrast and add interest to your neutral room by incorporating patterned elements into your décor. Patterned elements can include area rugs, artwork, throw pillows and blankets, vases, and window coverings.
  5. Texture matters – Mixing texture into your décor is key when working with a neutral palette. You are sure to create drama in the space. An area rug is one way to create texture, while different fabrics will create a cool like, and stone, tile, and wallpaper is another way to add overall depth. Natural elements such as bamboo, iron, rattan, wicker, or wood would also work well.

We hope these tips will help you successfully decorate your neutral space. When building your new home, our homes in Las Cruces NM Design Studio Consultants can help assist you in making selections that complement your individual lifestyle. Working with our Design Studio will add value to your French Brothers dream home.

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