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Eco-friendly Cleaning Tips for your Sorrento Roswell NM Home

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Take a look around your home. You’ll probably find baking soda, rubbing alcohol, olive oil, vinegar and lemons on shelves, in drawers or cabinets. These everyday household items are perfect for cleaning your home and are a great alternative to toxic and harmful cleaners. Follow these steps to protect the environment and clean your new home in Roswell NM the eco-friendly way.

Wood – Fill a squirt bottle with 1 cup olive oil and ¼ cup white vinegar. This will keep it looking fresh by cleansing (olive oil) and sustaining (white vinegar) your wood.

Glass and mirrors – Mix lemon juice and water to clean your glass and mirrors.

Toilet – Wash your toilet bowl with borax and vinegar. Flush the toilet to get it moist then put 1 cup of Borax on the sides and rim of your toilet bowl. Next, spray ½ of vinegar over it and let it set for a while. You may want to leave it overnight or when you’re at work for extra glow. Scrub the bowl with a brush to remove the remaining grime.

Patio furniture – Add 1 cup baking soda to water and wipe your patio furniture with a cloth. This will keep it looking great during the warmer months.

Furniture and rugs – Mix water and cornstarch to polish furniture or clean your area rugs by letting that paste dry and then vacuum.

Refrigerator – Place a small box of baking soda in your Roswell NM new home fridge to deodorize it.

Faucets – Dip rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean faucets.

Counter tops – Fill your kitchen sink with warm water and pour a few drops of dish detergent in there. Use a sponge to clean your granite countertops and then rinse the sponge with clean water to wipe away any remaining detergent.

Reuse, reduce, recycle – Perfect for getting into tight spots, toothbrushes can be used to scour your bathroom or kitchen sink, kitchen appliance knobs, faucet base, window frames and crayon off your walls. Use old t-shirts or cloths as rags to wipe down areas instead of throwing them away. Reuse old spray bottles to hold your homemade concoctions instead of chucking them.

The above household products are great for cleaning various areas and items in your new home in Roswell NM the natural way. French Brothers suggests testing out a small section with the solution before applying it to the entire area. To prevent accidental misuse, remember to properly label your bottles and keep them away from the little ones.

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