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Don’t Take Your Home Off the Market During the Holidays

December 13, 2018 10:54 pm Published by Comments Off on Don’t Take Your Home Off the Market During the Holidays

Don’t take your home off the market this holiday just yet. Consider these five reasons why it may be beneficial for you to continue to list your home.

  1. Serious buyers No matter the season there are always buyers looking for a new home. These buyers are motivated, ready to find their dream home, and won’t let buying anew home during the holidays stop them
  •  market during the holiday season. By keeping your home on the market, the reduced inventory means less competition of homes in Artesia NM for sale. Views of your home listing may rise with an increase in demand that will in turn allow your home to stand out more.
  • More time to look for a new home – Many people take their vacation days during the holidays. This will allow sellers more time to look for a home. Plus, you will be able to showcase your home to out-of-towners who are visiting during the holidays.
  • Holiday ambiance – The holidays are a great time to showcase your home. It will look homey, clean, and smell good from scents of the holidays from baked goods like cookies and gingerbread to cinnamon and peppermint. Plus, your home will be decorated and look festive with everything from a Christmas tree, garland, holiday lights, garland, and other festive décor.Just make sure you don’t go overboard with decorating your home. 
  • New Year’s Resolution – You may be able to attract buyers who want to buy a new home or are transitioning from renting to purchasing their first home as their New Year’s resolution.

If you are searching for a new home this holiday season, we hope that you will consider a home by French Brothers. We build in the homes in Artesia NM community of West Acres Artesia and currently have two move-in ready homes. Contact Roxann Johnson today at 575-616-2086 for details.

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