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Creative DIY Projects for your to Do

Nowadays people are spending a lot more time at home or closer to their new homes in Las Cruces NM

communities. If you are looking for ways to spend your extra free time or simply just want to express yourself more creatively, a DIY project may be just what you need. They are fun ways to spend your free time and be productive. Here’s a list of DIY projects that you can tackle.

  1. Dresser drawer planter – Do you have old dresser drawers hanging around the house? Repurpose these drawers to create a planter. Paint the exterior and add plastic lining to the inside of the drawers to put soil down. Plant your favorite seeds or replant your plants. This is an awesome and creative way to bring life into something old and unused.
  2. Glass storage jars – Choose glass apothecary jars or Mason jars to store bathroom and kitchen essentials. These items can be anything from cotton swabs, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste to beans, rice, pasta, spices, and cereal. Paint and or decorate the glass jars to add a creative element to them.
  3. Grocery bag dispenser – This is perfect for those of you who have a lot of plastic grocery bags laying around your home. Repurpose an old tissue box and fill it with the grocery bags and place in your pantry or cabinet. It will help keep the bags organized and easily assessible.
  4. Tension rod storage – There is nothing worse than space under the sink being taken up by cleaning supplies. Insert a tension rod under the cabinet sink to hang your cleaning bottles. You can put wallpaper on it or paint it to add some pizzazz to it.
  5. Wine cork art projects – Do you have a lot of corks hanging around? Do not throw them just yet. They can be used to create beautiful DIY art in your home. Projects can be monogram wine cork art, name place holders for holiday events, garden markers, figurines, bathmat, and so much more!

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