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Copper Lights Are Popular

November 18, 2018 3:51 pm Published by Comments Off on Copper Lights Are Popular

Copper lights have gradually become a popular lighting option. Copper lights will bring a classy, modern, rustic, and timeless touch to your homes in Hobbs NM décor while instantly adding warmth to any room. Copper also mixes well with other metals. It even goes well with any design and works great in contrast to black, blush, gold, yellow, bronze, dark green, and royal blue colors. Below are tips for how you can incorporate copper lights into your home décor.

  1. Bathroom lighting – Complement your bathroom with a copper lighting. You could use a chandelier or overhead lighting above your bathtub or traditional scones for the wall for the vanity. Also look for a copper toned mirror with built-in bulbs for your vanity. This will give your bathroom a clean look and be an ideal place for you to get ready before heading out in the morning or stepping out for the evening. Candle scones could also be used in a guest bathroom.
  2. Home office lighting – Copper can help evoke a sense of calm. Purchase copper colored desk lamps and or floor lamps for your home office. This will hopefully help you be productive and get work done.
  3. Magical bedroom retreat – Drape copper string lights across the headboard to create a dreamlike bedroom retreat for your kid’s. The sparkling lights will provide the perfect backdrop for reading, telling bedtime stories, and will most definitely be a magical backdrop as they fall asleep.
  4. Over a seating area – Light up your seating area with copper lights. Place over a seating area in your bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or living room. Your conversations will be lit in discussions and style.
  5. Stylish pendant lighting – A stylish copper pendant light hanging above the kitchen island, kitchen sink, dining room table, or in the entryway will work wonders for the space. Pendant lights come in a variety of styles and sizes. This is a great way to add a dash of color to your space.

As you read above, copper lights can be used throughout your home. Copper lights also give us all the feels. So much so that we put copper lighting into our new Presidio model home in homes in Hobbs NM community of Tanglewood.

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