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Clean up your Mess Using the 80/20 House Cleaning Rule

Arf-arf! Hi everyone. It is me again, Lily, your favorite Quality Inspector at French Brothers. We all know how much of a mess we can make, especially now that we are spending a lot more time around our Las Cruces NM homes communities and at home these days. I know I can, and my mommy has to clean up after me. Trying to clean up your home all at once can leave you overwhelmed and downright tired. After all, I get tired of making messes and I am having fun doing it! This is where the 80/20 rule comes in.

Also known as the Pareto Principle for Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, the principle states roughly 80 percent of the effects come from 20 percent of the causes. This concept can be applied to many things, including house cleaning. It is important to have a plan before you start cleaning so you can assess what needs to be cleaned and tackle that 20 percent instead of everything in your home. Here is how you can apply the 80/20 cleaning rule in certain areas of your home:

  1. Bathroom – Clear off the surfaces and wipe down the countertop, sink bowl, faucet, toilet seat, toilet bowl, and tub. It is a quick and easy way to clean your bathroom without spending all day in there. Splatter from brushing your teeth can get on the mirrors so make sure to wipe these down as well.
  2. Bedroom – Make your bed. It seems simple but it is a great way of making your room look great even when there are other areas that need to be addressed later. Also clear off and organize your bedroom side tables so that this area has less clutter.
  3. Dining room – Clear off the dining room table and wipe it down. Vacuum or sweep so that food and crumbs are not left on the floor.
  4. Kitchen – The dishes can be the most annoying part about cleaning up the kitchen. One trick with the 80/20 rule is to put away the dishes. The last thing you or your guests want to see is a sink full of dirty dishes. Load your dishwasher and wipe down the countertops. This will make your kitchen not look dirty.
  5. Laundry – Designate a specific time out of the day to do laundry. Do not let your dirty clothes pile up, but instead tackle a few loads at a time. This way laundry day is manageable, and you are able to fold and put away your laundry without a pile of clean clothes accumulating or staying in the dryer.
  6. Living room – This is the one area of your home that can accumulate a lot of clutter. Pick up items off the floor, fluff the decorative pillows, fold your throw pillows, and remove items that do not belong such as books, clothes, and shoes.
  7. Organize items – From making your pantry look like a grocery store shelf to neatly stacking your mail and other papers, create some type of order in your home to make things look more organized.

Applying the 80/20 rule to your chores will allow you to clean up your mess and maximize your time better. In turn, you will be able to spend more time with your family and Las Cruces NM homes neighbors and doing the things you love.

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