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My name is Lily, and I am the newest member of the French Brothers Team! As the new Quality Inspector, I inspect our homes at each stage. My attention to detail is unparalleled (have you looked at my nose??), I only accept the highest standards, and of course, customers love me – or they love my oversized ears, not totally sure which.


I am named after the fleur-de-lis (which is French for “flower of Lily”) in our French Brothers logo, but you can just call me Lily for short. French in name and in spirit, I am a French bulldog, love to steal a croissant (or two), and I even speak French! (but I’m sorry to say, it’ll still sound like barks to you – lol).


My skills and qualifications include being friendly to everyone I meet, giving snuggles and Frenchie snorts on demand, and using my extraordinary dog senses to inspect the quality of our homes. Its easy for me to get up close and personal, being that I’m only 8 inches tall. When I need to inspect something up high, I can always get one of our Lead Builders to lift me (that’s the beauty of weighing about 12lbs!). The amazing benefits package that French Brothers have provided me includes treats, belly scratches, and long walks, which I love. And whenever I’m sleepy, there’s always a lap or pair of feet for me to curl up on.



French Brothers brought me on the team to look out for YOU, their customer. My mission is to make sure that when we are complete, you will absolutely love your new home and get to Live Your Dream in a French Brothers home!

Follow me on Instagram @LilydeFrenchBrothers and read our blog to see more of me!

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