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A Millennial’s Guide to Purchasing a Home

Are you a millennial looking to purchase your first home? Before you start on your homeownership journey, use this guide to get prepared.

Set a budget – Knowing how much you qualify for and what you are comfortable with spending are essential components to your house hunt. This will allow you to focus your attention of Alamogordo NM homes you can afford rather than homes that are out of your price point. Take into account your monthly mortgage payment, utilities, and other expenses so you do not overextend yourself financially.

Work with a relator – Real estate agents are professionals in the field. They are experts in your prospective areas of choice and also know the current state of the market. From contracts and negotiations to inspections and closing, real estate agents will help guide you through the homebuying process. This is beneficial to novice buyers who will have an advocate throughout the process.

Make a list of your must-haves – Though buying a home is an emotional process, it is important to try and put those feelings aside. Having a checklist that prioritizes what you absolutely need in a home is key. Necessities usually include a particular location, the style of home, the number of bedrooms your home needs, the minimum amount of square footage it must have, and outdoor living space. From there, you can then make lists of your nonessential wants and would be nice to have items in a home.

Narrow down a location – You can find the perfect home, but it may not be in your ideal location. It is important to select the location you want since it is the one thing you cannot change. How many miles would you like to be from work? Do you need remain in a specific school zone? Let your real estate agent know your desired locations of choice so he/she can help you find properties that match your needs.

Look at the bigger picture – You will see plenty of homes on your journey. Keep in mind why you are becoming first-time homebuyer and do not get distracted by the small stuff. Focus on what is important, take photos of the communities and homes you visit, talk to potential neighbors, and ride around the neighborhood at night. Though it is important to act quickly when house hunting, do not make a rash decision. This is a major decision and you do not want buyers regret.

This is an exciting time for you. We wish you the very best on your house hunting journey. Since you are in the market for your first home, we hope that you will consider French Brothers. We have an array of quick move-in Alamogordo NM homes that will make an ideal first home for you. Contact us today at 1-800-691-4375 to get started.


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