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A Fresh Take on Holiday Decorations

November 29, 2018 6:55 pm Published by Comments Off on A Fresh Take on Holiday Decorations

Its that time of year again!

Time to pull out the stockings, hang the lights, and put up the tree! Here are some fresh ideas for decorating for the holidays this year.


First, pick your theme.

Do you want the glitz and glam of a retro tinsel covered tree? Or do you prefer the muted neutrals and earthy tones of Scandinavian design? What about a beach theme, or even something as simple as traditional red and green? Once you decide which direction you want to go in, completing the look can be as easy as apple pie!


Going for a glitzy glam look? Gather any worn ornaments together and spray paint them metallic silver or gold. Do the same with old mason jars and cans to use as glittering candle holders for your dining table. Use white lights and metallic garland to complete the look.

Or what about neutral and earthy tones? Make simple white ornaments out of salt dough or wood, collect branches, twigs, and pinecones outside for a festive earthy centerpiece, and finish off the look with lots of candles.

Now that the tree and table are complete, its time to add a little holiday sparkle to the rest of your home.

You may not be showing off all of the bedrooms, but guests are sure to use the bathrooms and kitchen, so make sure you add a little something to those areas. Wreaths are a great way to liven up any space, and come in all types and styles. Go for shells and driftwood style twigs for a beach theme, silver balls and garland for glitzy Christmas, or a fresh live green wreath for a more traditional look.

This Delmar, by French Brothers, has the perfect display shelves on either side of the fireplace for showcasing your favorite holiday decorations.


Now go enjoy that fresh new Christmas look!


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