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8 Tips for Staying Safe While Moving into a New Home

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The time has come for you to move into a new home. And with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), there is no denying how much of an impact this has changed the way we live and operate in and around our homes in Hobbs NM communities. Moving is already an arduous process. And it can be even more complicated now that we are dealing with a global pandemic. But with the right preparation, your move can be a seamless process. Use the eight tips below to help you stay safe while moving into your new home.

1.       Hire movers early – If you are going to hire movers, hire them sooner rather than later. Make sure they are a reputable company by checking their rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Get several quotes before making a decision and inquire about their COVID-19 protocols.

2.       Reserve your moving truck/van – If you plan on moving yourself, reserve the moving truck early. Learn about the procedures the rental company follows since the check-in and check-out process is most likely different.  

3.       Purchase your supplies now – Take stock of the supplies you will need to move and purchase them early. The last thing you want to do is go to the store last minute and the items you need be out of stock. Purchase new boxes and tape since the virus is known to remain on surfaces such as cardboard for up to 24 hours. We also suggest buying additional packing supplies than what you anticipate you need just in case.

4.       Pack early – Allot yourself enough time to sanitize and carefully pack your belongings the right way. Securely close your boxes with packing tape so that nothing is left open.

5.       Wear a mask at all times – Everyone involved with the move should be wearing a surgical or N95 mask at all times. Have hand sanitizer readily available but also make sure you and your movers are washing your hands frequently. 

6.       Continue to social distancing – Moving requires teamwork. Whether you are moving with the help of friends or are hiring professionals, continue to follow social distancing practices.

7.       Wipe down surfaces – Wipe down the boxes, furniture surfaces, moving dolly, as well as the surfaces inside the moving vehicle. This can include the steering wheel, door handles, stereo knobs, keys, and anything else that will be touched.

8.       Give yourself time – Give yourself time and have patience during this process. Make sure you are eating and taking breaks when you need to.

We are open and taking the necessary steps to ensure you and our homes are safe and healthy. If you are in the market for a new home, look no further than French Brothers. We currently have several quick move-in homes in Hobbs NM at Tanglewood. Contact us today at 800-691-4375 to set a virtual or private tour today.

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