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2019 Interior Design Trends

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One of the benefits of building a brand-new home are the customization options available for homebuyers. This is a great opportunity to include any ideas you may have thought of while touring new homes in Hobbs NM. Check out these five inspiring interior design trends for 2019 you can incorporate into your home design.

  1. Bold backsplashes – Many kitchens have clean, simple, white or other neutral color backsplashes. Get bold in your kitchen with patterned backsplashes. This will add great contrast, depth, drama, and texture to your space.
  2. Bring on the wood – incorporating elements of nature into your home décor has always been popular. And if you are a fan of wood then you are in luck. Wood is making a comeback. Of course, there are wood cabinetry and flooring, but also look to use solid wood dining or rocking chairs, work desks, side or sofa tables, or wood bed frames in your home. You can also place extra firewood around your fireplace to enhance the décor.
  3. Curvy furniture – Who does not like curves? Curvy furniture is replacing big, boxy furniture like couches. In both modern and more luxury homes. Think about getting a curvy artwork, bookshelf, dresser, headboard, lamp, mirrors, ottoman, sofa, swivel chair, or another piece of furniture to include in this fabulous looking trend.
  4. Master bath shower – Homebuyers are opting for a luxury master shower and forgoing the tub. This has been a popular upgrade for some time now. This is the perfect option for those who do not use their tub. By eliminating the tub, you will make room for a comfortable and large luxury master shower that you are sure to enjoy.
  5. Multislide sliding door – French Brothers homebuyers have the option to have a multislide sliding door in lieu of a slider. This will turn the sliding glass door that comes standard with the floor plan into a fabulous opening for indoor and outdoor living.

With a new construction home, you can integrate these latest design trends and more into your new home design to truly reflect your dream. Work with one of our new homes in Hobbs NM design consultants to truly live your dream in a French Brothers Home by designing your home to match your lifestyle needs.

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