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Energy Efficiency


French Brothers has always been energy conscious. We have been exceeding government energy standards for over 30 years! Our energy saving features can provide homeowners with a variety of benefits:

Save You Money! Our homes use substantially less energy for heating, cooling, and water heating – which can save you a ton of money EVERY year. Most homeowners will see substantial savings of thousands of dollars over the course of their homeownership due to savings on their utility bills.

Protection for Your Family! Our Platinum Energy Package helps your home deliver better protection for your family against cold, heat, moisture, pollution and noise due to energy efficient improvements not found in many other homes. These improvements provide more consistent temperatures throughout your home while also providing improved indoor air quality.

Environmentally Friendly Home!  A French Brothers Platinum Energy home also helps the environment! By burning less fossil fuels, you reduce your impact on the environment and help reduce air pollutants.   Purchasing a Platinum Energy home helps you protect the environment while saving money! Plus Energy efficient homes are worth more and bring a higher resale value than their less-efficient counterparts.



An energy efficient French Brothers Home begins with intelligent design, quality construction, and a relentless pursuit for exceeding our own standards of excellence. French Brothers Homes is constantly reviewing and refining its processes to provide you with the best quality home possible. French Brothers Homes is very committed to building energy efficient homes from the ground up. We work closely with RESNET(Residential Energy Services Network) to achieve high ratings and ensure that we are truly delivering an energy efficient home.

The lower a home scores on RESNET’S HERS (Home Energy Rating) Index, the more energy efficient it is. A standard new home that’s built to meet the current Energy Conservation Code will score a HERS Index of 100. New French Brothers homes score an average of 55, making them at least 30 percent more efficient than a standard new home and at least 60 percent more efficient than a used home.

What it takes to exceed the Standard:

  • Reduced air leakage within the building envelope by caulking and foaming around windows, top plates, vents, ceiling fixtures, doors, and house-wrap to achieve an air tight home
  • Energy efficient, low-E insulated windows & doors
  • Effective insulation on exterior walls (R-21), ceilings (R-30) and conditioned spaces
  • Highly efficient heating (95%+) and cooling (14 SEER+) systems with programmable thermostats
  • Properly insulated and sealed duct work
  • Energy Star appliances
  • Tankless hot water heater & insulated PEX water pipes
  • Fresh air ventilation system and proper ventilation throughout the home
  • Advanced framing techniques
  • Radiant barrier in the roof decking
  • CFL and LED bulbs throughout


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